Wednesday, February 29, 2012

TV Dresser top…

I think I promised a picture of this a long time ago… back story – I sanded this down thinking I’d just seal the wood and low and behold I found out the top wasn’t wood, it was laminate! And I sanded the grain right off the laminate thinking it was wood. Couldn’t seal that soooo….


Well, we actually had SUNSHINE the other day and I remembered to snap a couple photos! The top of this dresser/TV stand is … napkins! Camo napkins!! I used Modge-Podge to glue them down and then seal it. I ripped the straight lines off all the napkins and tore them into big chunks and started gluing them down with no plan. I love it. It feels like leather, it’s durable, it cleans up beautifully and it doesn’t show dust. I saved a pack of napkins and keep them in one of the drawers just in case I need to touch something up. So far I haven’t had to do a thing.


Happy Crafting!!!


Ann said...

You are so clever - it looks really good!

Julie said...

And I still want to do this to the filing cabinets in the livingroom. Just gotta find the right napkins.
Take care Kim and have a blessed night!