Monday, February 13, 2012

Ready for Valentine’s Day!


I’ve packaged up some Valentine sweets for my peeps :). I think this is my new favorite way to wrap something. I was inspired by this pin on Pinterest. (And thanks to Julie for the lunch bags!) I got the tissue paper for the heart and border at Walmart for .15 cents a pack!! Gotta love those after-Christmas-bargains! Six sheets come in a pack and I didn’t even use one entire sheet for these gift bags. (And I picked up around 10 packs…should last a while)

Speaking of being inspired by pins on Pinerest here is something else I did – inspired by this pin!


GENIUS!!! (I personally can’t stand the thought of using toilet paper rolls so I use paper towel rolls and gift wrap rolls. I say each to his/her own…other people probably just have waaaaay cleaner bathrooms than I do – lol!

Happy Crafting!!

PS: Mary, I think I figured out the comment posting problem…why don’t you give posting a comment a try…it should be a lot easier! :) Love ya!


Anonymous said...

Love the gift bags and I bet your peeps will, too. You are so talented in all the crafts you do!
Happy Valentine's Day and love to you and all the family. M&M

Jo James said...