Monday, January 28, 2013


Do you remember back in November I showed you this “jury-rigged clothes hanger”? Here’s a picture to refresh your memory…


Well here’s the new and improved version!!!!


We were watching a movie awhile back…something on Hallmark…and a guy had a string in his workshop with clothespins on it to hold notes and such. Well, a light bulb went off in my head! All I did was tie one end of yarn to the hanger, string on some beads to keep the clothespins apart, add a clothespin by stringing the yarn through the spring on the clothespin rinse and repeat! Here’s one made using wire instead of yarn…


And there are all the previously drilled holes. lol. I like this so much better!!!!!! Bonus – it even looks cute! Someday I’ll paint it up all funky and cool…not today. Today I’m happy to just have them hanging in my back entry looking kinda nice.

In other news we spent the weekend in the fish house on Mille Lacs Lake. We were about eight miles out onto the lake. And about we were with a group of about five fish houses filled with old friends and new friends. Did I ever tell you spending the weekend ice fishing and living in a fish house is like being inside a monster’s belly? The ice on the lake is constantly groaning and grumbling. And at night, when the temperature falls it really goes nuts…sometimes sounds like a thunderstorm. And it’s all “snap crackle pop” when another vehicle drives by. I feel totally safe though so it’s really neat. I didn’t ask but I think the ice was about 2’ thick…I know at one point Grant had a hard time getting the ice auger through. What wasn’t so neat was when our youngest son fell out of the upper bunk at about 3 AM. Phew! We made him get back up there though. He was scared and probably would have slept on the floor but I told him he’d never fall out of it again. I didn’t tell him he’d probably never fall out of the bunk again because he’d never truly relax enough lol. He’ll be hugging the wall from now on. I remember when I fell out of the upper bunk onto my sister…I never fell out again. Then as we were packing up Abby fell into the fishing hole. (They are only 10” around so only one leg fell in.) I can’t believe her foot came back up with her shoe still on it! Yup, exciting times. We caught two “keeper” fish otherwise they were too BIG! Grant got one that was 25” and had to put it back. I didn’t know I was going because Grant had plans with other people…those plans fell through…so we went as a family instead. Anyways, I didn’t get much packed for crafts. I did manage to make a couple rounds on another pillow case. Don’t know if I’ll like this one because I used yarn instead of crochet thread but I’ll finish. Crochet is a great “small space” craft…not many supplies…not much to lose…down the ice hole. (Cause there are 9 spread throughout the floor! Always in danger of losing something…cell phone…iPod…small dog!…) - (First time we went Edith, our 5 pound dog, entered all excited – first one in the door - and tried to jump on the couch…missed the couch…bounced off and landed in a hole! I fished her out and she stuck pretty close to me the rest of the time!)

Have a great week! Happy Crafting!!!

Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Crochet-edge pillowcases…


Honestly, could I get any worse at taking a picture! Sheesh. This is what I’ve been working on for the past few days. I’m really trying to use up my stash of stuff. The top three pillowcases were made from men’s shirts that I’ve been collecting and hoarding for the past several years. The bottom pillow was made from some cheap fabric I had in my stash. I got the ecru crochet thread for free from my favorite thrift-store lady. The red thread on the blue pillow was purchased at a thrift store for about ten cents and the red thread on the gingham pillow was from my Grannie. Bottom-line these pillow case covers cost virtually nothing. I bought most of the men’s shirts when I’d hit a “bag for a dollar” sale. I haven’t crocheted in about 20 years and my skills are RUSTY!


First I had to remember how to do a blanket stitch, which I did around the entire case, then crochet. I ended up doing five double crochets in each bridge of the blanket stitch on this case.


Sorry for the fuzz…it was crocheted in. On this case I did five triple crochets on each bridge with a single crochet at each end…so seven on each bridge. Made it almost look like pom-poms. This case took me two days to finish. I don’t know how many hours but it’s cold here and we had a lazy weekend at home. I like that it makes the cases special without being too frilly. I want to make several more so I can change them out whenever. Can you imagine…having extra cases…not having to wait for them to dry after laundering them to put them back on…the luxury! Then I think I’ll make a couple for the Bazaar. Hopefully by then I’ll be good enough at the whole thing that I won’t embarrass myself. I’m still trying to figure out how to cover our square pillows…we have a lot of pillows…but we have a lot of people and a couch that needs the extra support from the pillows…

Happy Crafting!!!

PS: Julie and I are going to cut out our shirts this week I hope, might just get the pattern traced…we’ll see…fingers crossed!!!

Thursday, January 17, 2013

Steampunk Valentine paper cutting


I cut this out with my eCraft using a file I got at Krewella Kreations blog. I think it’s pretty!!! As always I struggle with the correct pressure settings on my eCraft and what paper to use. Grrrrrr. But I’ve been having a lot of fun designing my own files…the “love” cutting inspired me to make this -


It’s a steampunk heart with wings. I LOVE it! I had fun learning how to make the gears and putting it all together. If anyone else wants the cutting file email me and I’ll email it to you as I haven’t taken the time to get a sharing site yet. I think I love steampunk because I love the “industrial-ness” of it. I still don’t know how to describe it to anyone without sounding like an idiot…so I’m going to say “industrial”. lol.


And…did you notice my new blog header? I made it myself…as I’m sure you can tell :). As I learn more I’ll be changing it up a bit. (Don’t you think the “Kim’s craft diary” part should be curved like the pennant banner?) Maybe changing it totally. Just goes to show…you CAN teach an old dog new tricks!!!

Next week I’m going to try sewing a shirt. Now that I’ve announced it to the world I guess I’ll have to follow through. I have so many functions to go to (like my son’s choir concert tonight) that are “casual” and I have nothing to wear!!!! I either have funeral clothes…or paint-the-house clothes. It’s time and I’m scared. I’m scared I’ll spend all that time cutting and sewing and end up with more paint-the-house clothes. I think I’m going to practice with an old sheet first. I just know the pattern will need some alterations to fit right…I’m just too darn short-waisted and busty. Who am I kidding…my “waist” isn’t really even there anymore…is it too much to ask that the shirt makes me look tall and lean?

Happy Crafting!!!

Friday, January 11, 2013

Leather bracelet…


What do you think?! I got some great 1/8” copper so I stamped on it with my metal stamps…and then riveted it to a leather bracelet. I love it!!! I just need to get some snaps and we are in business. I KNOW these will sell well at our church bazaar – I’m excited to show the ladies at church!

Happy Crafting!!!

Thursday, January 10, 2013

Christmas went by so fast!


We barely had time to enjoy the decorations! This is how I decorated the top of the hutch this year. I loved it. And now it’s packed up until next year…


I put up six Christmas trees this year. Here are three of them. (I count the tiny one on top of the hutch as one of the six). I wish I had taken more pictures…I had a lighted Nativity inside the hutch that was really pretty…oh well, I’ll take a picture next year. Also to do next year…replace lights on garland that is hanging at the top of this photo. I never got that done! And – make a tree skirt for the top tree. And - replace the twine with fishing line on the gold snowflake from the top photo. And – take proper photos, not cell phone photos!


We also took our fish house up to Lake of The Woods to fish. All five of us went. It was the first time ever…and the first time we all stayed in our fish house. Everyone did very well and thank goodness we got the big fish house! I didn’t get much crafting done…I wasted most of Saturday just laying around. Sunday I started needle felting some bird bodies but haven’t finished them yet. Now, today, I went in a completely different crafting direction and made a bracelet that I’ll show you next time. I have to find a clean spot in the house to take a photo lol! I’m really feeling the need to get.rid.of.STUFF! A garbage bag of ball caps went out to the garbage today…I’m going to go through my closet next. Do I really need a stack of turtleneck shirts “just in case”? I don’t even like wearing turtlenecks! I’ll compromise and keep two. And that pair of jeans that fit great for about ten minutes then bag out everywhere…GONE! Less stuff=less mess. Period. And I promise, I’m not going to think about how the turtlenecks would make good t-shirt yarn…or how the jeans would make a great quilt…I’m not…it’s all going to The Salvation Army – intact.

Happy Crafting!!!

Thursday, January 3, 2013

Unintended blogging break…

Well, that blogging bread wasn’t planned lol! I just lose track of time when our schedule gets so out-of-wack! The kids were on vacation for a couple of weeks and my husband’s schedule has been crazy…I don’t know if I’m coming or going. I did spend a couple hours yesterday getting myself back on track. I spent time with my calendar and started making different “forms” to make things easier. I don’t know if it my history with Lyme disease or if I was just born this way but when I try to envision “time” or a calendar it’s as if I’m dyslexic. I really struggle with timelines. Anyways, I’ll share the files with you that I’ve created once I figure out how to share them lol.

I’ve also been playing ALOT with making my own SVG files. It is addicting! I can make anything I want and my eCraft will cut it. I still have to tweak quite a bit and wish I could spend more time on these projects!

In crafty news I made some of these-


We had a Pinterest party at my book club. Each of us had to make something we saw on Pinterest and make enough to share with the other members and provide directions. I made these little guys. My directions were something like:

Crumple up a ball of newspaper and cover it with tinfoil. Stab a piece of wire through it to become the hanger. Cover it with polymer clay. Paint it. Make a little hat and ruffle. Glue them on. Glitter. Well, they took about a week to make by working with them off and on. I just wish I had made more. I only made about 10. I think from now on I will be making multiples of everything right off the bat. That way I’ll be better prepared for the bazaar in the fall.

We are now planning an ice-fishing trip. The first one as a family in the new ice-castle. I’m both VERY excited and worried I’ll forget to bring something. Along with some drawing supplies I’m bringing my calendars this trip to get them nailed down and organized. I want to feel in control this year. I’m making a “master calendar” to stay in my purse and whoa to the child that messes with it. ha ha!

Happy Crafting!!!