Thursday, January 3, 2013

Unintended blogging break…

Well, that blogging bread wasn’t planned lol! I just lose track of time when our schedule gets so out-of-wack! The kids were on vacation for a couple of weeks and my husband’s schedule has been crazy…I don’t know if I’m coming or going. I did spend a couple hours yesterday getting myself back on track. I spent time with my calendar and started making different “forms” to make things easier. I don’t know if it my history with Lyme disease or if I was just born this way but when I try to envision “time” or a calendar it’s as if I’m dyslexic. I really struggle with timelines. Anyways, I’ll share the files with you that I’ve created once I figure out how to share them lol.

I’ve also been playing ALOT with making my own SVG files. It is addicting! I can make anything I want and my eCraft will cut it. I still have to tweak quite a bit and wish I could spend more time on these projects!

In crafty news I made some of these-


We had a Pinterest party at my book club. Each of us had to make something we saw on Pinterest and make enough to share with the other members and provide directions. I made these little guys. My directions were something like:

Crumple up a ball of newspaper and cover it with tinfoil. Stab a piece of wire through it to become the hanger. Cover it with polymer clay. Paint it. Make a little hat and ruffle. Glue them on. Glitter. Well, they took about a week to make by working with them off and on. I just wish I had made more. I only made about 10. I think from now on I will be making multiples of everything right off the bat. That way I’ll be better prepared for the bazaar in the fall.

We are now planning an ice-fishing trip. The first one as a family in the new ice-castle. I’m both VERY excited and worried I’ll forget to bring something. Along with some drawing supplies I’m bringing my calendars this trip to get them nailed down and organized. I want to feel in control this year. I’m making a “master calendar” to stay in my purse and whoa to the child that messes with it. ha ha!

Happy Crafting!!!

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Anonymous said...

Very cute!!! I don't know how you do it all but please keep it up. Happy fishing but you and the whole family be super careful. Love, M&M