Thursday, January 17, 2013

Steampunk Valentine paper cutting


I cut this out with my eCraft using a file I got at Krewella Kreations blog. I think it’s pretty!!! As always I struggle with the correct pressure settings on my eCraft and what paper to use. Grrrrrr. But I’ve been having a lot of fun designing my own files…the “love” cutting inspired me to make this -


It’s a steampunk heart with wings. I LOVE it! I had fun learning how to make the gears and putting it all together. If anyone else wants the cutting file email me and I’ll email it to you as I haven’t taken the time to get a sharing site yet. I think I love steampunk because I love the “industrial-ness” of it. I still don’t know how to describe it to anyone without sounding like an idiot…so I’m going to say “industrial”. lol.


And…did you notice my new blog header? I made it myself…as I’m sure you can tell :). As I learn more I’ll be changing it up a bit. (Don’t you think the “Kim’s craft diary” part should be curved like the pennant banner?) Maybe changing it totally. Just goes to show…you CAN teach an old dog new tricks!!!

Next week I’m going to try sewing a shirt. Now that I’ve announced it to the world I guess I’ll have to follow through. I have so many functions to go to (like my son’s choir concert tonight) that are “casual” and I have nothing to wear!!!! I either have funeral clothes…or paint-the-house clothes. It’s time and I’m scared. I’m scared I’ll spend all that time cutting and sewing and end up with more paint-the-house clothes. I think I’m going to practice with an old sheet first. I just know the pattern will need some alterations to fit right…I’m just too darn short-waisted and busty. Who am I kidding…my “waist” isn’t really even there anymore…is it too much to ask that the shirt makes me look tall and lean?

Happy Crafting!!!


Anonymous said...

Hi Kim, I noticed the new banner yesterday and was going to ask you about it. Yes, I like it very much. I used to sew all my work clothes when I was a secretary so I'm so glad someone else is doing it. I can't wait to see it during and after the finished product. I think you'll really like doing that! Be warned you probably won't want to stop (I have stayed up all night sewing just because I couldn't put it down) Love, M&M

Kim said...

Did you have a favorite pattern? Nah, I bet you just started cutting and sewing and made something wonderful with no pattern at all... (Smile)

Ann Martin said...

I noticed your colorful header right away and love it! Nice paper cuttings too. How is the shirt coming along? I remember making a blouse years ago that was styled like a men's shirt... placket down the front, buttons, cuffs - such a lot of work I haven't made another since. Not only that, silly moi chose plaid fabric! I like your idea of calling steampunk industrial... I never know how to describe it either.