Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Crochet-edge pillowcases…


Honestly, could I get any worse at taking a picture! Sheesh. This is what I’ve been working on for the past few days. I’m really trying to use up my stash of stuff. The top three pillowcases were made from men’s shirts that I’ve been collecting and hoarding for the past several years. The bottom pillow was made from some cheap fabric I had in my stash. I got the ecru crochet thread for free from my favorite thrift-store lady. The red thread on the blue pillow was purchased at a thrift store for about ten cents and the red thread on the gingham pillow was from my Grannie. Bottom-line these pillow case covers cost virtually nothing. I bought most of the men’s shirts when I’d hit a “bag for a dollar” sale. I haven’t crocheted in about 20 years and my skills are RUSTY!


First I had to remember how to do a blanket stitch, which I did around the entire case, then crochet. I ended up doing five double crochets in each bridge of the blanket stitch on this case.


Sorry for the fuzz…it was crocheted in. On this case I did five triple crochets on each bridge with a single crochet at each end…so seven on each bridge. Made it almost look like pom-poms. This case took me two days to finish. I don’t know how many hours but it’s cold here and we had a lazy weekend at home. I like that it makes the cases special without being too frilly. I want to make several more so I can change them out whenever. Can you imagine…having extra cases…not having to wait for them to dry after laundering them to put them back on…the luxury! Then I think I’ll make a couple for the Bazaar. Hopefully by then I’ll be good enough at the whole thing that I won’t embarrass myself. I’m still trying to figure out how to cover our square pillows…we have a lot of pillows…but we have a lot of people and a couch that needs the extra support from the pillows…

Happy Crafting!!!

PS: Julie and I are going to cut out our shirts this week I hope, might just get the pattern traced…we’ll see…fingers crossed!!!

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Julie said...

I think I would love for you to teach me how to do that to a pillows edge. It's something I could take on an activity.
You do such awesome work. See you Friday to cut out something.
Take care. Blessings!!