Thursday, January 10, 2013

Christmas went by so fast!


We barely had time to enjoy the decorations! This is how I decorated the top of the hutch this year. I loved it. And now it’s packed up until next year…


I put up six Christmas trees this year. Here are three of them. (I count the tiny one on top of the hutch as one of the six). I wish I had taken more pictures…I had a lighted Nativity inside the hutch that was really pretty…oh well, I’ll take a picture next year. Also to do next year…replace lights on garland that is hanging at the top of this photo. I never got that done! And – make a tree skirt for the top tree. And - replace the twine with fishing line on the gold snowflake from the top photo. And – take proper photos, not cell phone photos!


We also took our fish house up to Lake of The Woods to fish. All five of us went. It was the first time ever…and the first time we all stayed in our fish house. Everyone did very well and thank goodness we got the big fish house! I didn’t get much crafting done…I wasted most of Saturday just laying around. Sunday I started needle felting some bird bodies but haven’t finished them yet. Now, today, I went in a completely different crafting direction and made a bracelet that I’ll show you next time. I have to find a clean spot in the house to take a photo lol! I’m really feeling the need to get.rid.of.STUFF! A garbage bag of ball caps went out to the garbage today…I’m going to go through my closet next. Do I really need a stack of turtleneck shirts “just in case”? I don’t even like wearing turtlenecks! I’ll compromise and keep two. And that pair of jeans that fit great for about ten minutes then bag out everywhere…GONE! Less stuff=less mess. Period. And I promise, I’m not going to think about how the turtlenecks would make good t-shirt yarn…or how the jeans would make a great quilt…I’m not…it’s all going to The Salvation Army – intact.

Happy Crafting!!!


Anonymous said...

Gabe looks happy with his fish!! I didn't forget the big "12" yesterday. Hope it was great day and he'll get his card soon!!
Found another site for you to check out (oh boy, just what you need, huh?) Frugally Sustainable-A Resouce of All Things Frugal & Sustainable. Love your blog, M&M

Julie said...

Your home is always so beautiful decorated.
Not coming over today. Ice and no school so taking my daddy to the hospital for his MRI.
I'll call you later on.
Take care. Blessings!!

Kim said...

Mary, that looks like an awesome website - thank you!!!!

Unknown said...

I didn't know you went ice fishing together! How fun!!! Talk to ya soon!!