Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Post with a lot of pictures…

Here is what I’m working on now – I made one for my mother-in-law when she came for the Super Bowl and thought they might make a good project for my third needle felting class. (I have two classes scheduled for February – a mushroom class and a pendent class) When trying to decide what to make for a class, I make the same thing over and over again and try to pay attention to what I’m doing so I can explain it clearly to the ladies attending the class. These little guys/gals aren’t done yet. I’m working on a fourth and then I will “embellish” them and see what happens. I never have a clear idea in my mind of how something is going to turn out. I envy those who start with a sketch and then “poof” after hours and hours of poking with the needle felting needle they have their sketch in 3-d! Amazing.



But what is taking up a bigger…HUGER chunk of my time is CLEANING!!! It started innocently enough…my friend Julie brought me this organizer that they no longer needed. I was thrilled – and started filling it up.


It has sixty drawers! All of a sudden I’m in the basement bringing up stuff I had stored in peanut butter jars and baskets and I’m in awe that it will all fit in one place! I decide to store it in my office. When I get into my office I realize there is NO WHERE this will fit. Not because the organizer is too huge but because my office is such a mess.


This rack in particular was a jumble of mess. I tend to dive into projects with little or no planning so this is the only before picture…taken with my cell phone. This shelving unit actually has 5 shelves and every single one was packed with clutter. Well, I decided the whole thing had to go. So I took everything off the shelves and put it on my kitchen table and started to sort. (Which meant my kitchen was now in the disaster zone as well.)


Um, this is an actual “after photo”. This is where that shelving unit was. I shifted this shelf over from another wall. This room is still, and always probably will be, a work in progress. Sheesh…does it ever end?! I have about half of those little drawers filled and LOVE it! I want another, but I’d like it to be a bit deeper…maybe I’ll ask for it for Valentine’s Day…really – this kind of thing makes my heart go pitter pat!


Here’s the other wall. Still a mess but it is waaaaaaaayyyyyyyyy less messy today than it was yesterday! That cupboard door on the left drives me nuts because it won’t stay shut. I need a handyman. Oh-here is a funny story about my filing cabinet. OK, it’s a bit embarrassing to admit but I couldn’t really get into the two bottom drawers cause there was so much crap stacked against it. Well, when I was going through a stack of papers on my desk I kept coming across scroll saw patterns and found myself trying to figure out how to MAKE some sort of container where I could store all these patterns in one place. When I jammed my hip against the filing cabinet it came to me –duh- FILE THEM! This teaches me to use what I have before trying to reinvent the wheel. lol!

Today I’m wiping down all horizontal surfaces and for some reason I started with mopping the floor. But I could probably do it again. The floor is plywood and it can really hold the dust. We have a floating laminate floor in the shed for this room but I’m thinking I’d like a painted floor instead. That way I can change it whenever I want. (And I can just paint around the filing cabinet and the cabinets instead of moving them out of the room.) I’ve always wanted a painted rug. Then there is more sorting to do. Oh – and all that craft clutter went to the basement…so now my basement has entered the disaster zone as well!

Happy Crafting! (I hope you can find the time!)

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