Friday, February 10, 2012

Bunny Embellished


And a back view -


(I always like the back view better! smile) I have one bunny done. I’m not happy with the nose or whiskers but after changing it more than once it’s gonna stay the way it is. A pink nose made the bunny look sick and a black nose was just too black so I went with brown. I will bring this to my next needle felting class and ask them if they’d like to make this next. I’ve made six so far (this is the only one that is embellished) and I think I finally figured out how to attach the ears. lol. This is an easy bunny but I learn some new techniques every time I make one. It’s funny how much of crafting is just “instinctive”, it’s hard to tell other people why I’m doing something a certain way. It gives crafting a new perspective for me. Fun!


I think I’ve mentioned before that the hardest part of crafting for me is to come up with an “original idea”. I’ve had some lovely email conversations with Gretel (who is an amazing needle felter) and looking at her work I’m inspired to break out of my box. I mentioned to her that I have to be inspired by something. So I started looking around my house for that “something” and decided my collection of wood figurines would be a perfect place to start. Phew – it’s harder than it sounds. When I started this bird it looked in turns like an alligator and a snake. Sloooowly it started to take shape and I’m almost happy with it. I don’t know what color it will be in the end. I’m thinking a nice medium blue? While I’d much rather felt entirely with the chosen color of my project I don’t because it’s much more economical to use “natural” and cover it with a color later. It just means more poking. A lot more poking. And I have to figure out how to add legs. I like the copper wire legs on the original and I think I’ll go with that. Ahhhh…these are fun problems to try to figure out!


Happy Crafting!!!

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Julie said...

I love the bunnies. They are so cute Kim. And you did an amazing job embellishing them. She is sooooo cute.
You craft room/office is looking good. You'll have to show me when I stop over, hopefully tomorrow.
The bird is cool looking. Can't wait to see what you do with it. Your ladies at your class are going to love all this goodness.
Keep up the great work. Take care my friend, off to drive bus in about 30 minutes. Talk to you later on. Blessings!!