Monday, February 27, 2012

Busy weekend…

Not much crafting happened around here. Aside from starting a large needle felting project this is all I got done. My mind was mush last night. I wanted to make something but couldn’t think of anything…so I decided to make some “blanks”. These little snowpeople will eventually get finished for our Bazaar at church. The little hearts I made just because.


I taught another needle felting class on Thursday and it went great! I know I was much more relaxed!!! I had six people and we made the mushroom pendants and I sent them home with enough material to make one on their own. Phew. We also scheduled another class for March 6th if anyone in the area is interested.

In other news we went to the NWTF banquet (turkey) on Friday night and won some neat prizes. Hubbie came home with a new muzzle-loader and I came home with some new drink coasters. Those were our favorite prizes. Saturday Grant had an ice-fishing contest to attend and after we tore up the town and partied like rock stars until we fell into bed…exhausted…at around 9:30 PM! Sheesh, we are getting old-lol!!!

Well, that’s it for now – happy crafting!!!

PS: Mary…I am wondering what is going to become of that bird too! I seem to have lost my thick copper wire so that project is at a standstill. Bummer…

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