Tuesday, May 31, 2011

More necklaces…


I’ve been painting more necklaces…all of these need to be drilled and some of them need their coat of acrylic. I particularly like this one:


I know I’ll be painting paper airplanes on everything now…I really love them!


This cute little robin caught my youngest son’s eye and he came running in the house yelling “MOM GET YOUR CAMERA!” So I did…

There just hasn’t been much time or, to be honest, much drive to craft any more than what you’re seeing. Today I get to clean my house because I am hosting my book club tonight. How we managed to destroy a clean house in one day is really beyond me…the fact that I’ve spent the morning unclogging my kitchen sink might have something to do with it. Abby thought it would be OK to put a good quarter pound of hamburger down the sink…grrrrr.

I really do love painting these little tiles…I can just dab away here and there…and it doesn’t take up much room. If any of you have any ideas for cute little images that I’m capable of painting let me know. Well, back to the kitchen sink…

Happy Crafting!!!


Ann Martin said...

Really cute necklaces - I like all of 'em, but I'd have to say the airplane is my fave too. Can feel your pain about the sink - I'm SO not a fan of plumbing disasters.

Julie said...

I think I love the blue and yellow flower the best but the heart, well that caught my eye too and the bird, well the airplane....heck all of them are so cute Kim. You are just so darn talented.
Chat with you tomorrow. Blessings my friend.