Friday, May 20, 2011

Painted bowls, coasters, and wooden tiles…

It has been a busy week, but I find if I leave my paints and something to paint on at the kitchen table there is always time to paint…I get a lot done while browning hamburger…These paintings are up to six layers of paint thick! It takes time for the paint to dry between coats…


My wooden coasters are coming along…I now have two painted…


Only thing left is to clean up the outsides and the edges…


I liked the colors so much I also painted this bowl…and left the background natural. I LIKE it…this will only work for some of the bowls though.


And since that was so much fun I started painting wooden tiles…cause I’m gonna run out of bowls…I want to put a pithy saying in the blank area…how about “Food or Foe”?


I loved adding the dots…made it more frilly. I had two consultants ages 10 and 8 giving me advice…they have wonderful advice! They don’t know the “rules” and aren’t afraid to break them! I have three more wooden tiles in the works…it’s great practice…I learn something new every time I paint…only problem is that I forget what I learned and have to relearn every time!

Happy Crafting!!!

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