Friday, May 6, 2011

Crafting palooza…


My youngest sister got married! She asked me to make a card box for the reception…less than one week before the reception!


So I raided my hoard stash and this is the best I could do with supplies on hand and not much time to think of a design…


I glued pearls into silk flowers and used some shell necklaces I’d picked up at garage sales and just went nuts with the hot glue gun. It only took a few hours…I hope she likes it! (She had a destination wedding in Florida – hence the “beachy theme”.


Then I had to make a card. I actually started this one quite some time ago…and just cut out a couple letters here and there. Cause they are a pain in the neck and boring…


Then I got to add the fun stuff! Quilling!!!


This card was inspired by a post I saw at Ann’s blog All Thing's Paper. I thought I bookmarked the exact post…but I guess I didn't. I don’t dare go back to search for it or my whole morning will be gone. I get sucked into all that wonderful art and lose track of time…

Then I made up some mother’s day cards…


Mary, this one is for you. (above)


Mom, this one is for you. And if either of you like the other one’s better…I’d be happy to make them again!!! I couldn’t decide who should get which so I did a coin toss…(They are fun to make) I used an embroidery pattern from The Antique Pattern Library. Again, embroidery patterns translate well into paper.



And LOOK! I got a new couch! This is almost exactly what I’ve been looking for! It was at my church’s garage sale with a matching chair for $20.00. It was made by Howard Mfg Co Inc. It is solid oak with that funky 60’s finish on it with those little black specks. I’m going to sand it down and seal it…keep the wood light. Then refinish the cushions with denim and add some pillows. (There are three back cushions that go on this…I have them in the truck…) Aside from that one button that popped on this cushion the cushions are in perfect shape. No stains, tears, or wear to be found. AWESOME! I can change out the covers on the cushions whenever I want…and I’ll make sure to add a zipper or something so I can wash the cushion covers whenever they need it. I sent my hubbie over to look at it before we bought it and told him to look at it with my eyes…look beyond the finish and the cushion color…he did! I can’t wait. However, my projects are stacking up like logs. I have to do this soon…and get it out of the garage, refinish that dresser that the TV is going to sit on, and paint the basement. Before I can paint the basement I have to clean it. I tell ya, I could start moving and stay moving for six months…it is a little intimidating.

Happy Crafting!!!!

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Ann Martin said...

Oh my gosh, I love the cards! Especially the green one... something about the simplicity of the design and the colors you chose speaks to me. Thanks so much for the shout out, and right back atcha. I always spend lots of time on yours too! Whew, the couch project would keep me busy for a year - can't wait to see the result.