Friday, May 13, 2011

What a week!!!

It has been crazy-busy around here!!!


We went to Abby’s Special Olympics track and field event. She ran a relay and her team placed second…she also did the softball throw and the results aren’t in yet. Here she is giving hubbie a high-five after the relay. She was so proud of herself!!!


I went to a garage sale and got these and a couple books…

040 039

All the items came to under $3.00! The original price of the book on the left was $24.95 and on the right $12.00. I’m excited about a couple of the patterns in each…

041 042

I can’t believe nor understand why this woman who was holding the garage sale spent so much money on so many things! There were piles of books and patterns and piles of fabric…all that consumerism actually turned me off so much that I limited myself to these three things. (The bottle stoppers were packaged together) She commented that she paid full price for the quilting book…sheesh!!!


This was a happy accident! I’ve been working on this bird in the evenings and it is nothing like what I had envisioned!!!


But…it makes me smile…so I’ll keep it…I’m even working in a red one now.


I fixed a kitchen cupboard. See that gap in the back? What you are looking at is the bottom of the cupboard that is pulling away…my dishes were in danger of crashing to the counter! It was much worse than the picture shows…so I added a strip of molding to the bottom, and that will hold the shelf in place.


Here’s the molding. Now that shelf isn’t going anywhere!!! My collection of Correll dishes is safe!!!


And I finished my washcloths. I got 23 washcloths from the fitted flannel sheet, and a nice pile of narrow pieces to be used as rags. Sweet!

Last evening we cleaned two miles of ditches as a part of the adopt-a-highway program. It was for Frito-Lay…and then we all got taken to Pizza Ranch for supper! Good reinforcement lesson for the kids, work hard and get rewarded. Now, we know that isn’t always true…sometimes you work hard and get kicked in the teeth…but it’s still something I want the kids to strive for…

Happy Crafting!!!

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