Monday, May 23, 2011

Craft Funny…

We will have to make do with some cruddy pictures…there is no sunshine to speak of here. I do however have a house, unlike many who lived through tornados over the weekend…God Bless you all!!!


I saw this idea for a succulent ball and really loved it. Had to try it. I picked up two mini hanging baskets with coconut liners at my local Dollar Store and was raring to go! Heck, I even thought they would make great Mother’s Day presents. Mothers, be glad I didn’t follow through…cause this is what you would have ended up with! Here is how it is supposed to look!


In my defense, I didn’t want to add any more Hen and Chicks until I knew they would root in the coconut liner. Cause that sucker is so thick the roots don’t even touch the dirt inside. The dirt that got everywhere when I tried to put the two halves of the baskets together…right before company was coming…in the kitchen…sheesh! It’s been a few days now and they haven’t blown off so maybe I’ll add some more…or maybe I’ll just plant them in the garden and try again next year! Click on the picture to be taken to the link if you are brave enough to make your own…

Over the weekend I got to go to a few garage sales. At one there was an awesome table of free stuff and I picked up:




I can’t wait for Valentine’s Day to set up the centerpiece, it looks as though it has never been used! And the bottom picture is an embroidery patterns that includes the fabric and floss. It is printed in another language so I’ve been trying to figure out which embroidery floss goes where…I think I have it. It will really brighten up my office when it is done…I love orange!

Happy Crafting!

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Julie said...

That is a cool idea Kim. Keep trying with that ball, it's neat.
I'll talk to you tomorrow. Take care Kim.