Monday, May 9, 2011

What a weekend…

Our weekend started on Friday night with a concert…we went to see Tesla!


Hubbie bought a sweatshirt and had it signed by a band member (Dave)…Tesla is his all-time favorite band…and after this concert they are in my top three!!! They sounded as good or better than they do on their cd’s. We had a ball!


OK, this isn’t the best picture of me…I tried for some “dramatic eye makeup” and forgot to curl my hair. heh heh…ah well, hubbie thought I was cute…


Then on Saturday evening we went to my sister’s wedding reception. It was held in this barn. Yes a BARN! It looks nothing like the barns I’m familiar with…it reminded me of a castle…with the brick walls and fairy lights…it was lovely.

And yesterday was Mother’s Day and I was spoiled rotten. My older son did the laundry, my daughter emptied the dishwasher, and my youngest promised to do anything I asked WHEN I asked. My hubbie got me breakfast and treats and gifts. I spent a lot of the day reading…in bed…spoiled rotten!!!


And this is one thing on my work table today…I’m making washcloths. I ripped up another flannel sheet and am now putting two together and serging the edges. How long will it take before I’m not afraid of my serger? Cause that machine is a MACHINE…


And I’m messing around with paper and embroidery patterns again…

Happy Crafting!!!

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Julie said...

You look beautiful Kim. I am glad you guys had a great weekend.
Talk to you later on.