Monday, May 2, 2011

What I would rather be doing….

Please enjoy pictures of my thrift-store-finds…purchased this weekend… (I bought this for the frame)


No crafty crafts happening around here…because I have to clean the house. But I seem to have great talent today in not cleaning the house and not getting anything else done either! I wish I could have a “do-over” today. If I’m not going to do anything anyways I would PLAN on not doing anything and just enjoy the day. Instead I’ve been in “I’ve gotta get going” mode all day. sigh.


I had loads of enthusiasm and great intentions to clean like crazy this morning…


And then my kids went off to school, and my hubbie left for work…


And after a crazy busy weekend my house/life was quiet! And all that energy drained away…and I haven’t gotten much done beyond turning on the dishwasher and starting a load of laundry…


Oh-well, there is always tomorrow!!!

Happy Crafting!

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Julie said...

Cool finds. Thanks for it support today. I will talk to u later.