Friday, March 30, 2012

Isn’t it nice when

you make something you really like!!! I just completed another project for the library and I tell ya, this one is going to be hard to give them -


This is a totally recycled project. I salvaged the frame (kept it from going in the garbage…picked it out of someone’s garbage pile…I have no shame!) I got the string, used as branches, from the thrift store. The black paper is from little (sometimes tiny) scraps of paper left over from another project. The music paper was donated to the library to be used in this kind of a project…or whatever else we can dream up – lol!

Here is a picture of the project in progress -


above: This is what was in the frame before I took it apart…


above: This is when I was covering the original mat board. As you can see it was matted with pink an blue. I glued down the paper and cut a 45 degree angle on whatever strip of paper was laying on top…nice mitered corners.


above: Sorry for the glare…I’m too lazy to take the glass out. This gives you a better look at the details. I cut each flower out with my craft knife and used my stylus to give the petals some shape. Then glued them down and added a dot of glitter with my cinnamon stickles stuff. The little bird was raised with some foam dots too.

I was going to paint the frame but I think I’m kinda liking the gold. Surprising! It’s a nice wood frame so it would take paint well…hmmm….

Happy Crafting!!


Julie said...

AWESOME!!!! Kim, just totally AWESOME!!!

Ann Martin said...

Really pretty! I can see why you're attached to it. :)