Monday, March 26, 2012

Oh deer!


The lighting is just cruddy today – we are in for some rain! However, this picture isn’t really done so this is an in-progress pic. I was inspired by this work and decided to try it out with paper before I move to wood. Really, I don’t seem to have enough time to start a big wood project these days. Isn’t that sad?! I keep telling myself to just tackle a project one step at a time and even if I only get a half a step done in one day I’d still be moving forward…maybe tomorrow! I want to paint the frame or refinish it…I’m thinking I’ll either paint it dark brown (Julie, you’ll be happy! lol)

Why don’t I seem to have enough time? Well, aside from the usual laundry, cooking and cleaning…boring! We’ve just been people on the move lately. I taught another needle-felting class on Saturday. I tell you, crafters are just the nicest people! It was fun. We all went four-wheeling on Sunday after church. The weather was crisp and clear – no bugs or sweat! We are part of a hunting club and have access to 1,800 acres of land. I snapped some pictures to show you how awesome it is!


Here’s one of the many trails-


Here’s another trail with the middle child riding a small four-wheeler.


There’s lots of water features on the land. The Mississippi borders part of it and there are ponds and swamps. I learned there is a wild rice bed! We will be ricing this fall!!!!!! Miles of the trails are bordered with raspberries and I found a hazelnut tree/bush yesterday. There is so much to see and explore. I told the middle child that once he figures out how to strap down the Rhino and 4-wheeler we will spend time out there even when dad is at work. (My brain does not compute the straps…it’s weird…like I enter a mind-warp when I have to deal with them!)


There is tons of wildlife out there…here is a wolf track…the size of my HAND! My youngest shot his first deer last fall out here too. And for his birthday he got this -


A Savage .22 bolt action for a lefty. He and Grant shot targets most of the time while Abby, Dev and I rode the trails. We were all exhausted when we got home, and will be going back soon! Even though this is within 8 miles of our house we don’t get out there too much. Last year was a cruddy summer and I was so busy with Girl Scouts – but this year – this year we are hoping for a great summer and lots of FUN!

Happy Crafting!


Gretel said...

Good grief, what an interesting part of the country you live in - makes our countryside look very tame indeed! Swamps, rice, wolves and the great Mississippi - wonderful!

Julie said...

I finally made it. WOW girl, I sure am missing alot with the life I have right now. I do so love your calls and friendship. It sure helps to keep my head on almost straight. Love the "not white" frame. Those eggs are fantastic. You will have to take me out 4wheeling this summer, I will have the time. And the parade and G, WOW, I love the pictures. Keep posting, I'll get here but you could add the follow by e-mail thing if you'd like, I wouldn't miss so much...well maybe I wouldn't.
Take care my friend and God Bless!!