Friday, March 9, 2012

Collage attempts 3 and 4…

And we have a winner! I like these!

010 008

I think I’m getting somewhere now. I think we all know I love paper airplanes…I see a lot more of them in my future collages! Again I made these by layering paper, tissue paper, paint, glue, more paint, more paper…you get the idea. These little guys are tiny. The frame outside edges of the frame measure 4”x5”. And I think the frames are pretty special…they came this way direct from the thrift store. By the time you read this post these will already be at the library and for sale. It’s kind of hard to give them up…but a darn good excuse to make some more! (And I loooovvvveeee my library – we gotta do what we can to support them!)

Happy Crafting!

PS: Next week I think you’ll see more needle felting.

PPSS: Mary…could you keep a look-out for more frames from our favorite thrift store? smile. They don’t have to look like this – I can always paint them…just little and sturdy. Really any size up to 8x10…

Bonus links to keep you busy and give you something to talk about…#1

She’s awesome! (there are two you can find the other one here)

#2 This blog is written by a mother who had a daughter with autism. Oh my gosh…she can get down in words what a lot of us parents with “special needs” children are feeling! When I read her posts I keep thinking “I know! I’ve been through that too!!!” It is almost painful for me to read but I can’t stay away. I check in with her blog once in awhile and read big chunks and leave feeling happy, sad, and understood! Her daughter is quite a bit younger than mine…I wish I would have found someone like her 10 years ago…The post I’m linking to really relates to where we are right now…you’ll see.

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Julie said...

I would love something like the paper airplane for my birthday...hint :o) I really like that one and it feels light.
You are one crafty mama there my dear friend. Keep it up and keep sharing. I love it.
Take care and God Bless!!