Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Get ready for collage week…

It’s funny where life can take you! I was thinking about my role at our library as a “crafty person” and was feeling guilty that I hadn’t made them anything lately. Luckily we had a pretty lazy weekend around here. For once it wasn’t scheduled to death. Well, the next thing you know my kitchen table was littered with paper and glue and I was making collages. Here is my first attempt -


I started with a plain piece of 1X6 pine. I don’t think I’ll give this one to the library cause it isn’t great…but it makes me smile so I’ll keep it! I might add to it as time goes on…we’ll see. Looking at it now I think more black dots would jazz it up a bit. This is one of the hardest things about making a collage…knowing when to stop adding more and more and MORE! lol! (more collages to come this week…ooooo…exciting I know! ha ha)

Happy Crafting!

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