Friday, March 16, 2012

It’s so nice outside

that I haven’t been at my computer at all! Yesterday I raked a part of the yard that hasn’t been raked in years and years. It is the part of the yard that we used to store about 50 bicycles in. Really. Well, the bikes are now gone and I have a fresh new blister to show for the raking. I am so out of shape!

In crafty news I finished this!


I added a little Martian! And my favorite is the little guy peeking out the porthole!


The little Martian has a magnet in his bottom. lol! And the space ship has a little tab of metal buried in it’s side…so the Martian ride. I feel I could fuss with this some more but have decided it’s good enough. There are too many other projects in the works right now…mostly yard work! I’ve also been making more things for the library. Here is the latest collage I brought to them -


This was on my work table (aka Kitchen Table) all last weekend. I’d add a little something wait for it to dry and add a little more. It’s amazing how much time these take!

Well, that’s it for this week…Happy Crafting!!

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