Thursday, May 31, 2012

More felting…


I’m working on this bag right now. I started it over a week ago and just can’t seem to get excited about it anymore. Maybe because there is a lot going on right now…

Yesterday we had family pictures taken at 7:30 PM. I started getting ready at 4:00 PM – running everyone through the shower and making sure clothes were clean took forever! We spent an obscene amount of money on these pictures…but we have to had them “touched up” (which costs big bucks) because I have a cold sore…in/on my NOSE! I didn’t even know this was possible! By the time I figured out what was going on I’d poked and prodded it so much my entire nose was swollen, and sore. The swelling had mostly gone down by last night but the sore is still apparent – geez. I’ve been hiding in my back yard and house…it’s ugly! The pictures were taken at our church as a part of a new church directory and were done by LifeTouch. They really did a nice job and I’m excited to get them! (About 2 weeks from now) This could very well be the last time we are all together for a family picture like this. The middle child is getting older and I can easily see him flying the nest soon after he graduates. I did… :) And we kinda have to be forced into getting something like this done because it is such a pain! I think I’ll try to get one more professional family portrait before the kids grow up…but I’m so bad at stuff like this…just trying to coordinate our outfits makes me break out in a rash!

Today is the last day of school! woot woot!!!! I’m so excited! Almost as excited as I get for the first day of school! No more shower wars in the morning! No more “get-to-bed-right-now-because-you-have-school” wars! No more homework wars! Now we get to start the “chore-wars” and the “spend-time-with-me” wars lol! It’ll be a nice change.

We are having Abby’s graduation party on Sunday and so far the weather is forecasted to be NICE! I am so relieved! We’ve rented the “cook shack” down at the park and it should be a really nice time.

Well, that is it for now…Happy Crafting!!!

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