Thursday, May 17, 2012

A giant – HUGE Thank you!!!

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Today is Abby’s last day of school and I’m freaking out. I’m not scared but just jittery and nervous. This a big day! This is Abby’s last day at our school and the reason I think I’m freaking out is because I’ve always felt so comfortable having Abby at our school. Abby’s main teacher for most of her years has been Pam. Pam. Is. AWESOME! Having Pam at the helm has given me such confidence in our school. I KNEW nothing was going to get by her and I was able to step back and let her do her job. Pam and her staff has always been respectful and cheerful. Geez I appreciate that…we are now moving into the unknown and I’m nervous. Some nerves have been calmed down because I met with her teacher for next year and she seems great…but I’m moving out of my comfort zone. New territory. New routines. I wish Pam was going with her. So THANK YOU PAM!!! Thank you for being so awesome! Thank you for taking such good care of my girl! Thank you for laughing on the phone with me and thank you for crying on the phone with me. Thank you for all the funny Abby stories you’ve told me over the years. I’ve truly appreciated your of humor!!! I so wanted to do something special for you and your staff but I kept putting off any planning cause I guess I’ve been in denial. So I dropped the ball. I’m sorry and I hope you tell everyone Abby’s mom appreciates them, and it is too bad she’s (me) so emotional. I wanted you to have the prism because I want you to have something to remember us by. And you know Abby is so cheerful – rainbows and light seemed appropriate. Well, this isn’t goodbye – cause I have your cell number – but this is goodbye to the excellent daily care you’ve given Abby. Thank you!!!

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