Friday, May 4, 2012


Well, it’s been another busy week. One day I had to go to Brainerd to open-enroll Abby for the next school year. More on that in another post. One day I had to take Abby to the doctor to have a sports-physical so she can participate in the Special Olympics next week. One day I had to take Abby to the water park where they were signing up for Girl Scouts again. (Our troop surprised Abby with a lifetime membership to Girl Scouts as a graduation gift!) I also had to go to our church and pick up some fleece panels and bring them home and tie them for a blanket that will be presented to her in church on Sunday (we are also coffee servers that day). Well, while at church I saw them setting up for a rummage sale! Everything was .50 cents! Here are some of my bargains!!!


I like to have some sort of candle holders out in the summer months because when severe weather hits you don’t have to worry about batteries…and our power goes out during storms a few times a year. I’ll put a “frog” in the bowl of this add some flowers and have a lovely way to display candles. I found it on ebay for 29.99 plus shipping. I paid .50 cents. It’s silver plate.


Boy the colors got all wonky in the photo but this is a knitted and felted bag!!! I got three!!!!! Triple score!!!!!!!! I’m so excited because the knitting shop where I teach needle felting classes wants to do a class on embellishing bags…and I didn’t have any. Well now I do! I already had some flowers made up and just threw them on to see if the colors matched and they do -


Here are the colors a little better. I can’t wait to see this finished.

006 005

Here are the other two black bags. The biggest problem I have now is trying to narrow down my ideas. I want to embellish these about 50 different ways…. We’ll have to wait and see. lol! It will be so much better to have samples to show!


Then I went to the dump last week and this basket was laying right on top. Nothing. Wrong. With. It! I’m keeping my roving in it for now…looks a lot better at the game table than the messy pile I had going on before. Oh – and that little wooden bowl the gnomes are in came from the church sale too.


I pulled this little beauty out of the garbage. I’ve found it on ebay for $45.00 plus shipping.


This beautiful vase came out of the garbage too. And the flowers were given to Abby at school the day after the mass band concert. They were given to her by her band instructor. She felt so bad about forgetting Abby. She called and sincerely apologized. It’s all mostly OK. And thank you all for your kind words and emails. It really helped!!!

If you want to see more of my thrifted finds you can check out my pinboard on Pinterest. I’m slowly compiling a list of things I’ve found and what I paid and what they are worth. I figure someday somebody in my family might be interested …

Happy Crafting and have a great weekend!!! Ours is going to be busy -


Julie said...

You always find such cool things. I do like the chairs I got at the dump. A bit of a score too.
Hope you had a great weekend. Talk to you tomorrow. Blessings my friend!

Anonymous said...

Kim, Love all your posts but the last 2 made me cry and I just couldn't respond. I figure I'm part of your family and am very interested in all you do even if I don't always comment. Please keep up all the posts and next to you I think I'm the thriftiest bargain hunter out there! (You make me jealous with some of your finds. J/K I love them all.) Love, M&M