Tuesday, June 5, 2012



I actually sewed last week! (Julie made some pouches and I realized it’s been a loooong time since I sewed…thanks for the encouragement Julie! I even used my serger…which made these go together SUPER FAST!) I made  these pillowcases. I’ve been hoarding thrifted sheets for a long time now and…not using them. Well, that’s enough of that. The sheets used to make the cases on the ends was sooooo soft and made wonderful pillowcases. The one in the middle is also soft but not quite as soft as the other. I love thrifted sheets because the quality is usually better than what I find in the stores. Also, I’ve noticed with newer sheets there is always a “chemical” smell in them. I can wash them ten different ways but they always smell “chemically”. It’s got to be some fire retardant something they put on them. Well, these smell like fresh sunshine!

Also, my dryer is eating my clothes so I’ve stopped using it. So this is how I’m keeping up with laundry now -



I have the clothesline you see the pillowcases hanging from, and a drying rack on my back deck and this clothes rack on the deck. If I hang the clothes on a hanger and leave a little room between each garment I can get a lot of clothes dried at once!! I match the socks before I clip them to that blue thing you can barely see on the end. So aside from having to hang the towels it’s not much different than when I did have a working dryer. The socks have to get matched anyways and the clothes have to get hung anyways. Then I bring them in at the end of the day and leave each kid’s pile on their kitchen chair. When the weather is bad I move the racks to the basement where I always have a dehumidifier always going in the summer and I turn on a fan. The only tricky part is blankets (if we have rainy weather) although I think they would dry just fine in the basement too, and there’s a Laundromat about 4 blocks from my house in case of emergency. I’m thinking about how to put a rail on the outside of my deck railing to hang clothes from – they could hang between the pickets…and it would be permanent. Or maybe something attached to the house that’s on a hinge and can fold down…well we’ll see. I’m still going to get a dryer but I’m not in a big hurry anymore. I can wait an find the right one at the right price. And I probably won’t use it as much as I used to!

Happy Crafting!!!

PS: I’m waiting for pictures from Grandma Mary before I blog about the Graduation party – it was an awesome day!!!

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