Monday, June 11, 2012

New needle felting project and weekly organization…

Well, it looks like the summer blogging schedule is going to be less often but more content. lol! Here is what is in the works at my craft table -


I have plans for these little guys and they will hopefully be a little further along next week.

This little lady is in the works also -


I’m happy with the shape and scale but she’s missing a little pizzazz…I have ideas though.


This little bird was sitting so still in the back yard that I thought it was a decoration. Then I remembered I didn’t have any decorations that looked like this – lol! So I got my camera -



And the little birdie posed prettily for pictures for a moment and then scared me half to death when it flew away – I hadn’t realized it could fly so well! I also found a baby snapping turtle on the road…in the middle of town…it didn’t stand a chance…and it is now living in a container on our front deck. We’ve had it for a week and I’ll take it out to the swamps later this week and let it go. It’s been fun observing it. It slurps down worms like they are a piece of spaghetti. I want to get some good photos this week – I’ll show you next week. lol.


I’ve also been playing around with the idea of a planner. I just hate feeling out of control – and I often feel that way in regards to our schedule. There is always so much going on and my husband has such a weird work schedule in the summer that I even forget what day it is half the time. My weeks seem to naturally follow a Monday through Sunday week. The weekend should be lumped together for me and Monday is always the start of the week. I’m always looking forward to the weekend so that should be at the end of the week…makes sense to me – lol! I kept this “bare bones” and not overly embellished because I like to doodle while making phone calls and I can put little frames around the boxes and just be silly. I use that open spot in the middle to make a grocery list…I’ve been using this for about four weeks now and I can say I’m waaaaay better organized! I just have to remember to look at it every day and make a little mark to show the day is over. The best part is that no fancy computer skills were needed to make it up – just doodled and copied. I print on both sides of the paper so a year takes very little paper…and because it’s bare bones – very little printer ink! The things that happen every week – like pay bills on Friday, different meetings on Wednesdays, etc – are part of the original copy. I can’t forget them – sweet! The list on the right will be changing to a more permanent list…right now I’m just playing around with the weekly chores that need to be done and they can be crossed off as completed. I’ve truthfully spent very little time making this up and I’m content with that. Some day if I really feel the need I can pretty it up – not now smile.

This week is already filling up – my office is a nightmare – again! It’s just too hard to try to neatly fit 1,000 things into an area that can only hold 100 things. I either have to build a bigger room (not gonna happen) or pare down (and I have a really hard time paring down!). It’ll take at forever to clean it out and organize it again.  Hope you all have a great week!!!

Happy Crafting!!

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