Monday, June 18, 2012

Sidetracked by Frowning Francis soft sculpture!

I don’t know how I first came to be at Frowning Francis’s website – but once there I was hooked! I immediately ordered the pattern for the crow and got to the fabric store as fast as I could (within a couple days!) and started! I think it took me about two days to make this. I LOVE IT! I went to the antique stores and hunted down the key hanging from his collar and I made the propeller at the top of his hat out of a sheet of copper. 


He’s first made out of muslin then stuffed then painted then decorated. I made the goggles too – and I see they are upside down in the picture! Oops – I haven’t glued them on so they come off once in a while. I intend to remake them some day…I’m not terribly happy with them. I think I have to clean my copper better before soldering.

In other news we let this little guy go yesterday - (that’s the tip of my thumb at the top of the picture. It gives you an idea of how tiny he is.)


We brought him to a quiet area next to the Mississippi and wished him the best. lol. (No people live within miles of the place) I don’t know why but I really like turtles! Speaking of which – did you read this article?

Happy Crafting!!!

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Ann Martin said...

The crow is just hilarious - great job! I can see why you couldn't wait to get started.