Monday, January 30, 2012

A little pendent…



As the day draws nearer to teach my needle felting class I find myself thinking I have to complete more! Create more! I have to have lots of things to show the people taking the class so they think it’s as awesome as I do!! I’m starting to get a little hyper. smile. I made this little pendent the other night and I’m happy with it. I like combining the embroidery with the roving…and adding the hardware (zipper and bail). I’m trying to think of other ideas that haven’t been “done” a hundred times before, it’s hard.

Today I finished dyeing some roving red…and I now have red fingernails and red counters! Red is not easy to clean up. I’ve sorted all my roving and gathered finished items in preparation for the class. I’ve packed up band-aids (I so hope nobody sticks themselves!). And I have the kits packaged. I think I’m good.

Fingers crossed! Happy Crafting!!


Ann Martin said...
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Ann Martin said...

Very sweet pendant, and nope, I have never seen one before. :)

Mary said...

Very cute and so creative!! You're really good at all your crafts and don't have a thing to worry about your class. You'll do fine, I know. (But just to be safe, I'll mention this class in my prayers) Hope to see you Sunday!! Love, M&M

Julie said...

It's killing me not hearing how the class went. I bet you were the best teacher and the class went excellent.
Your needle felting is AWESOME, just plain awesome!!
Love that your back sharing. And thank you again for my heart. I do want you to try and teach this lady with all the thumbs how to do this.
Take care Kim. Sleep well. I'll talk to you after I get the students to Brainerd so after 9ish.
Blessings my friend!