Monday, January 9, 2012

My chicken is just a bird…

Remember the needle felted chicken I was working on? Well…it turned into a regular bird.


I still have to weave in some fuzzies but so far all good!


I don’t think I’ll add any feet as this bird looks as if it’s in flight. I’m going to be teaching a needle felting class on January 31st so I want to get some projects done. We will be making little flowers…I made some flowers and dropped them off at the shop so I don’t have any to show you right now.

Also did you notice the new Pinterest button at the top of the right hand column? I looooooove Pinterest!!!! I feel as if I have my own personalized craft encyclopedia at my fingertips. Pinterest can be anything you want it to be. You can “pin” tractors to sewing. Whatever you want, I describe it as an online bookmarking site that uses pictures. You’re bulletin boards aren’t private. I’ve found tons of inspiration. One of my boards is called “Library Crafts” – that is what I can refer to when I want to make something for the library store. Awesome, I don’t have to remember…I’d like to remember everything I’ve seen and been inspired by but I’m up to like 1,400 pins…my brain doesn’t have enough storage space for that. It’s hard enough to remember regular stuff…like when I last changed the furnace filter. lol!  So if you want to see what gets me all excited go check out my boards. Then look around at all the other neat things…happy crafting!!

PS: M&M I’ll send you an “invite” to Pinterest so you can start making your own boards. You need an invite to start…I’ll send it to your yahoo account. smile

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Julie said...

He turned out so cool. I love it. You are so great at doing neat crafts. One of the many reasons I love you!!
Take care and have a great night. Oh a new gadget to add, it an e-mail link that people can subscribe too so they get your post when you do them. Just a thought.