Wednesday, January 4, 2012

New Year…New Start…

Well, I for one am glad to see a close to 2011. It was such a busy year! I’m surprised I’m blogging again. But…my crafting hasn’t been documented…and I miss it. I decided to blog again with way less pressure. Sure the pressure was self-induced…but it was just one thing too much last year. So, while I’d like to take gorgeous photos and write eloquently I realize that just ain’t gonna happen. I’ll take pictures with my cell phone and just write whatever flows from my fingers. So here is what I’m working on now-


It’s going to be a chicken. Can you see it? I think it’ll be black with white spots. We will see…I hope to work on it a bit more tonight. Geez I love needle felting at night. It’s something I look forward to all day!

Happy Crafting!!


Ann Martin said...

Glad you're back, Kim - missed you! It definitely looks chicken-like to me - pretty darned cute too.

Mary said...

Hi-hi-hi, Glad you're back, too. I think your pics are great and your writings are super (forget the "gorgeous and eloquent" and keep doing exactly how you're doing it!! Thanks again and how about a pic of the finished T.V. stand so I can show it off to others. M&M

Julie said...

I'm so glad your back too Kim. I missed seeing you here.
Have a great day in Brainerd. Take care my friend. Blessings!!