Thursday, January 26, 2012

Valentine Heart Completed

Felted Hearts 008

Done! I made a bunch of these…on some I added a wire hanger, on others I added a loop to hang them on a cabinet knob. This one didn’t get anything yet. I’ve also made up six kits that will be for sale at the yarn shop when I teach my class. Phew! A lot of work and thought goes into making a kit! I still have to write the instructions for this heart but I’ve made labels and gotten most of the supplies included. So much to think about!!

Felted Hearts 006

I also thought you might get a kick out of seeing where I do most of my crafting. Other bloggers have shown their spaces and I’m always fascinated! Well, I snuggle up on that chaise at the end of the couch. The swing-arm of the lamp has a full-spectrum bulb in it (thanks Julie!) and that keeps the colors of thread and roving “true”. I just got the couch from a neighbor this week. I lost my previous crafting chair during the couch switch with no pictures to show where I spent hours and hours in the evenings…bummer. It looks pretty clean now but usually I’m surrounded by bits of wool roving and snips of thread.

Felted Hearts 004

I have a plastic bin under the end table that I keep my roving in (it pushes back all the way when I want it to) and I’ve commandeered part of the top shelf of the cabinet the swan sits on. The game table you see to the right is also a great place to craft or set up the laptop. I have to repaint the whole room soon. And after I’m done re-hang the pictures. This couch is taller than our old one. And the next project I tackle is to make some pillows for the couch…I haven’t sewn in a long time. Just in case you’re curious my husband’s recliner and another end table is to the left of the couch. So even though I have an office and a craft area in the basement I find myself always crafting either in the living room or at the kitchen table. I give up trying to change. :) I just try to clean up after myself better…

Happy Crafting!!

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Ann Martin said...

Your heart is so pretty and perfectly shaped! Nice to be able to picture you at work (or play, as the case may be. :))