Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Vegas recap!

You read that right…Vegas baby!! My hubbie and I spent last Monday through Saturday in Las Vegas. And…Vegas kicked my butt. We stayed at the MGM Grand. We were there to see the Shot Show, and went with some friends who own a gun store in town. My husband was in firearms heaven! I like to shoot and some of the guns are real works of art but I was mostly just along for the ride. We attended the Shot Show Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday. We walked and walked and walked and walked. Even the MGM Grand is HUGE and it would take us 20 minutes to get from one end to the other. I had been warned that we’d be walking a lot in Las Vegas…but I really didn’t get that concept until we were there!

My husband got to meet one of his idols – Ted Nugent!!!


And, we went to a few shows – we went to the Tournament of Kings, we saw Terry Fator, we went to Crazy Horse, and we walked “the strip” and saw the fountains at the Bellagio.


The slot machines love me…my husband can put in $20 and play for hours. I put in $20 and it’s gone in 5 seconds. So I pleaded to go to the Apple Store and get a replacement iPod touch. Mine got wrecked last summer (Abby!) and it’s been driving me crazy ever since. While at the Fashion Mall (where the Apple Store is located) I learned a valuable lesson. Don’t make eye-contact with anyone in Las Vegas. Because they are pros and will reel you in before you know what’s happening! This cute little gal with a French accent lured me to her cosmetics counter and to make a long story short I came home with Vivo Per Lei – a dead sea salt/mineral face peeling cosmetic. She also “threw in” a diamond dust facial cleanser. OK, it was expensive. It was $50. I generally don’t buy many cosmetics…and when I do I purchase them, I get the generic brands. But this stuff is AWESOME!!! You rub it on your face and all the dead skin, oils, dirt, etc…just beads up and rolls off. I can’t tell you how soft and smooth my skin is…it’s amazing. I’d buy it again…next time I go to Las Vegas…which I suppose could be never…. Well, the other lesson I learned is that sometimes it is really really fun to treat yourself, and I’d say this is a quality product.

I am exhausted.

My feet no longer hurt…I think they are numb.

I now have to get ready to teach a needle felting class at a local yarn store that will be held in one week.

I’m nervous.

I’m excited!!!

Happy Crafting!


Julie said...

It looked so cool Kim and I loved the links. It would be so cool to go there for a few days vacation. Or at least in a day or two.
Glad you had a great time but sure am glad you're back too.
Take care Kim, blessings my friend.
Also, thank you for my Valentine heart, I love it!!

Mary said...

Awesome!! Did you say Hi to Ted for me? Love, M&M