Tuesday, April 24, 2012

More passive crafting…


Did you know you can dye wood? These little wooden apples have been dyed three times. They are for another craft that I have in the works…baby steps! Oh – and the photo has been taken IRL (in real life). This is how I usually roll…crafting gets all mixed up with real life. Around here batteries, tools, embroidery floss and the project all have to live and play together nicely. lol!


When I showed a fellow bazaar crafter these ornaments she suggested making the hearts larger so the ornaments can be personalized. So I did…Hmmmm… (between giving one son a haircut and getting the rest of the kids to bed)


Which led me to believe maybe someone would want more than one thing written on their ornament…perhaps a date? Other names? (I made this one while waiting for my bread to rise one last time – and before I had to start cooking the rest of the supper)


And here is an attempt to try something a little more challenging. It’s in-the-works. Maybe I shouldn’t try detail when the kids are around…I don’t think even one of them can walk by the table without bumping it or leaning on it and causing it to tip! (I made this one while still getting the kids to bed – there was a bit of excitement around here as Grant’s pager went off…not on a fire-call but on an assist…Abby gets soooooooo worked up!!! And it can take hours for her to settle down properly!)

Happy Crafting!!!


Anonymous said...

Kim, Love reading about your crafting (passive, active or frenzied!) Love it all. Keep up the super job. The personalized hearts are a great idea and the Christmas wood is gorgeous.Love, M&M

Julie said...

I like that multi heart one. It's like baking cookies or bread or while daycaring inside/outside and in-between.
Keep the crafts coming. Take care. Talk to you shortly. Mike is going to call shortly then I'll call you.