Friday, July 22, 2011

Wool Softies


A very, very, VERY nice woman who is on the Bazaar committee with me gave me a book at our last meeting! This one!!!

Stash Books-Countryside Softies

It was so hard to pick what to make first…but I had to make a couple of the adorable owls right away. The little mouse is a work-in-progress for my son. I think that little guy is worth three (?) of his current stuffed animals…don’t you? I sewed everything by hand. Just a simple backstitch to make the body. I thought the book was very easy to understand, and the pictures are gorgeous! Have a great weekend- Yay…crafting!!!

Happy Crafting!!

1 comment:

Julie said...

So cool Kim. I love them. I think I'll have to get a project or two from your book.
You always do such a great job.
Take care and have a blessed weekend my friend. Talk to you later.