Friday, July 29, 2011

Our wild and crazy life…

This summer has been one of the busiest that I can remember in my considerable history. And it ain’t over yet. This weekend we have our second annual french-fry festival…that will also be my daughter’s 18th birthday. You heard me she is EIGHTEEN!!! How did that happen? My middle child turns 15 five days after that, and three days after that I turn 40!  So three birthdays within 8 days…the french-fry festival will cover all of us, but mainly Abby. Cause I really don’t feel like celebrating 40…ya, woo-hoo! Your life is half over…woo hoo!! Blegh! My thirties have been insanely awesome…and from what I hear the 40’s are even better – I am looking forward to that part. I do enjoy having “older” kids now…my husband and I have a lot more freedom to date again. I expect that our 40’s will bring more travel…when the kids are just a little bit older. That I look forward to. However…I could do without the age spots and wrinkles. The gray hair has plagued almost since I turned thirty, so you’d think I was used to it by now…but I’m not. Gravity has not been kind either…sigh. I just want this birthday of mine over with so I can forget about it. For the past few years when people ask how old I am and I tell them they’ve said “Oooo, you’re almost 40!” It will be nice to have that behind me and not something to look forward to.

In the crafty news, I’ve been playing with my score board…

004 003

Yeah…I don’t know what I’ll do with them either…maybe make a few cards or something…\

Happy Crafting!!

PS: If you haven’t heard from me about the french-fry festival…this is your official invitation! Call me for times, or stop by some time Sunday afternoon. Have a great weekend!!

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