Monday, July 18, 2011


We held a three day Girl Scout yard sale here…in the rain…and the heat…with very few customers. Bummer.

I got a raging summer cold…during the garage sale…in the heat…and the rain…with a fever thrown in for a little extra fun. Bummer.

I have about six loads of laundry to do today and some really dirty floors to deal with. Bummer.

There is a heat advisory in our area for the next few days. Bummer.

My nephew had to have some pretty major surgery and I couldn’t be there. Bummer.

My nephew is doing GREAT! Yippee!!!

I have central air-conditioning! YIPPEE!!

I’m on my third load of laundry! YIPPEE!!

My fever is gone and my cold is getting better! Yippee!!!

I have leftovers for supper! YIPPEE!!!

I went to the library and we had a quick craft-session, with nothing planned, so we just had fun! Yippee!!!


Bookmarks for the library to sell.

Now, maybe, just maybe I can make something…tomorrow! YIPPEE!!!

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Julie said...

I love the body bookmark. Teach me how to make them. I know nothing hard I'm sure but that one is so cool. I'm glad your cold is better, tonight mines sorta kicked back in but I got my call from Naomi tonight so maybe it's that and crying too. Oh well, this too shall pass and hopefully everything turns out.
Take care Kim and relax and rest for a couple of days now. Blessings my friend.