Monday, June 13, 2011

Painted shelf

I finished the shelf for my son’s room.


I knew I’d be painting more paper airplanes and this seemed like the perfect project for them!


I can’t wait to hang it in his room today, it will look so good against his apple green walls! I’ll try to take some pictures of the shelf after it is installed.


When I was outside taking pictures of the shelf I noticed this guy hanging around…!


Julie, I’m sure you know what this is, can you tell me in the comments? I LOVE this color of green and the purple bit along the top…really cool!!!!

Happy Crafting!!!!


Julie said...

Luner Moth....It's only alive for 24 hours. They are huge, beautiful and great for science projects cuz we only get them about every other year.
Also, I LOVE...LOVE Gabs shelf. It will look so cool on his walls. GREAT JOB!!!
Have a great day, chat soon. Blessings!!

Ann Martin said...

Wonderful shelf, Kim! And a gorgeous moth... I've never, ever seen one of those.