Friday, June 10, 2011

Craft Drought…


I spent one day this week running errands, another day really cleaning my house, the next pressure washing my decks and other yard work, and the next (yesterday) cleaning the upstairs. Cleaning the upstairs (where my kid’s bedrooms are) became a 6 hour event. Holy smokes. I’ve warned the messiest that if he can’t keep his room clean…I’m going to donate anything I find on the floor to the thrift store. No matter how hard it is. Even if I made it for him. Now I have to follow through. Grrrrreeeeeaaaaaatttttt This is the only crafty thing I have for you today, if you have tiny little flowers and no vessel small enough not to swallow them, fill the vessel with little tiny rocks. Kind of a “duh” but there you go! I’m painting a shelf for the youngest today…while I wash the FOUR baskets of dirty clothes taken from upstairs…actually…the youngest is going to wash most of them…and fold them…and put them away…It’s going to be a loooong day. smile.

Happy Crafting!!!

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