Monday, July 23, 2012

On today’s craft table…


This REALLY IS what my craft table looks like LOL! I worked really hard one day and cleaned up my office (where my craft table is located) and then proceeded to make an even BIGGER mess. I’ve been having a lot of fun with collage. I’ve been pinning different things I see on the web and am now trying out some new techniques. I anticipate a lot of “fails” but that’s OK, collage is forgiving…you can just paint over it again!

This is one collage almost finished…


I have this hanging over our bed. It’s a reminded that LIFE IS GOOD! What you can’t see is that I’ve doodled lots of important dates all over the picture…just little reminders that LIFE IS GOOD! Do you like how I framed it? heh heh. It’s a happy accident!


I LOVE that I can change it out whenever I make something I like better!! So EASY!

In other news we took Abby to camp again yesterday. She was soooo excited! And last night we had a QUIET HOUSE! Abby was at camp and the boys were each at a friend’s home for the night. It was weird and even weirder to wake up to a quiet house too. Not bad weird…good-but-I-wouldn’t-want-it-to-be-like-this-every-day-weird. It’s so quiet I just want to lay on the couch and watch TV or take a nap…but I can’t lol!

Happy Crafting!!!


lisbonlioness said...

Kim, this is so beautiful! From the pretty birdie to the pegs and the lovely frame. Absolutely adorable, I wish I could make something that pretty myself.

Anonymous said...

And just why can't you take a nap or watch t.v.? Love from, M&M

Julie said...

That turned out awesome Kim. Maybe when school starts you can teach me to make one for my sewing room. So neat!!!
I love when you share what you're doing. I'll talk to you tomorrow. Rest well. Blessings!