Thursday, August 2, 2012

Collage for the library…


I made this collage for the library – it was supposed to be a “quick craft” and ended up taking me several days! It went through many UGLY stages before I was finally satisfied. My hope is that they frame it and sell it with the understanding that I will add a quote if the buyer wants one. I’m so bad with quotes! And, they are personal…so this way they can pick what they want.


I think it’s the final details that bring a collage together – I liked it a lot more once I did some pen work -


It’s hard to catch it on camera but this collage glimmers with different pigment powders and paints. I was inspired by this pin on Pinterest. I started with a piece of cardboard and mod podged torn up magazine pages over the entire thing – then traced the bird and branch and painted around them…it gives it all a nice texture.

It was also Abby’s birthday this week – I made her a couple new pillow cases and put some new pillows in them.


I got the fabric at a garage sale for one dollar!!! The fabric on the cuffs was from my stash – a gift from a friend of a friend.

009 010

She likes them! (And Grandma Mary we did get your phone call and card – thank you!!)

Well, that’s it – got a new project on the craft table right now – here’s a peek -


It was a wooden tray that I’ve started painting and papering… Happy Crafting!!!


Ann Martin said...

Love the collage, especially all those flourishes. :) Happy Birthday to Abby!

Anonymous said...

Absolutely beautiful. So much work but it is worth it at the end from the looks of it! Love seeing what you're crafting! Love, M&M

Julie said...

I love those pillow cases. And your collage, that's so neat.
Love your work Kim, you do some awesome work.