Friday, April 15, 2011

Yard cleaning…




Cell phone photo…I know, it’s awful isn’t it! Not the picture, the yard! This is a corner of my yard that is between our shed and our fence. It doesn’t get much light. It is very shaded by pine trees and oak trees…note the needles and leaves on the ground. So when we had a nice day last week I decided to tackle it! In the foreground of the picture you can just barely see a burn barrel that has been here since we moved here…around 12 years ago! I have always wanted to get rid of it as it is UGLY! Well, I put on my gloves and big girl pants and tackled it. I emptied it into three different garbage cans and have them on a trailer ready to be hauled away. It was filled with rotten carpet pad…yuck!

The chest in the back is my compost bin. That had to stay…and I added a lawn chair for some color…and you can sit here on a hot summer day and be in the shade and also be totally private…



The leaves that are left were frozen to the ground. The little stump left is now a foot rest. I have that piece of plywood there to give me an idea of how some stepping stones would look in here. Also once the ground unfreezes we will bury the rest of that cable. I think some stepping stones and moss would make it look kinda cute? Maybe a colorful bird house on that stump in the back corner? My yard will never be pretty…well…pretty ugly…but not pretty. I hope to get to “neat and tidy”.


This is one reason why…my boys dig holes. BIG HOLES! You can’t really tell but this one is at least 5 feet deep. I came out and took this picture and then made him fill it in. He thought he could easily dig his way out if the wall collapsed…uh-huh…10 year old logic. I like to let them dig holes, it’s good play for them…and they are outside!

Well, I have to tackle other areas of the yard when the weather gets warm again…and I’ll show you…cause it motivates me to do a good job! Just wait until you see our pile of bikes!! (Picture 50 bikes in a tangled mass…that is gonna be fun!)

For crafting I’m still working on that needlefelting project that was started a couple weeks ago…and I’ve started a paper cutting/quilling project for my youngest sister…but for now I am babysitting my adorable two year old niece…crafting has come to a screeching halt! It’s OK…she’s that cute!

Happy Crafting!

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