Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Seedlings, wood projects, little felt chick…


Can you see??? My tomato plants are starting to grow their second set of leaves! I have them just a couple inches from the light now…and my fingers are crossed. Here are a couple links that I found helpful when starting plants from seed:

Sherry's Greenhouse



I cut some little chicks out of wood and papered them…nobody knew what they were? Weird!


I stitched up this little chick using the pattern provided by Myrtle and Eunice, thank you so much! Each chick took about a half an hour to make and they are just so darn cute and tiny!!


Then I was able to go to the thrift store with Carmen and found this little gem…it was originally plain medium reddish brown wood…I spray painted it…


I spray painted it badly…I always get too heavy-handed with the spray paint! Too impatient! I traced the pattern and modified it just a bit (narrowed the tail and will center the whale on the wood he rests on, made the mouth a little smaller) and will be making these for the Spirit of Christmas bazaar at my church. Isn’t it cute! Wouldn’t it make you smile to have this on your desk/counter/craft area/kids homework station? I think I’ll just seal the ones I make…no finish…they will have that “Scandinavian” feel that I love so much. Do you think anyone will buy them?

Happy Crafting!!!!

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