Friday, April 8, 2011

Spring is in the air!!!!

I saw a post about making Scrapbook Paper Branches and had to try…




I used the new handy dandy hot glue gun and within about ten minutes was done. If you go to the original post (click on the words in pink) you’ll see that she used a lot more branches…or a bushier branch…but I just didn’t want to give it that much time. (But I like hers better) I got the branch to stand up nice and straight by filling this little crock with pea rock that Julie brought me…it seated it in nicely! (Please forgive my cruddy picture…no sunlight in that corner of the house…)


Another quick project for the week was to recycle an old flannel sheet. I tore it into squares as quickly as I could and now have a pile of rags and since my youngest has a cold he uses these to blow his nose. Then we throw them away. The sheet was going to get thrown away anyways…this way we can use it one more time. When you blow your nose with torn sheets you don’t get the red and chapped nose you get with tissues. Love it! (Picture taken with my Droid)

Otherwise I’ve been working on a needlefelting project that still has a ways to go. Today I’m going to muck out our front entry and pack away the winter gear and replace it with the summer toys!!!! Geez I hope I don’t jinx us and we get more snow…

I said a while back that I’d pass along any weight loss tips and here is another one…if you have a smart phone you can download the Cardio Trainer app. (free) This app will tell you how fast you’re walking (minutes/mile), how many steps you’ve taken, how far you’ve gone, it shows you a map of where you’ve been, and how many calories you’ve burned. My only gripe is that at the end it will say “You’ve burned 103 calories that equals 2 peaches!) Who in the helicopter cares about how many peaches you’ve burned (do you know anyone who gained weight from eating too many peaches?!)…I want to know how many Doritos's I’m walking off my hiney!!!

Happy Crafting!!!


Ann Martin said...

How hilarious about the peaches! Yes, do tell us how many chips instead.

Cute little branch - I saw that post too! Lots of us are anxiously awaiting the real spring-thing this year.

Julie said...

I still love that branch. I've got to get the kids to help me make something like that. My itouch just tells me calories, not equal to anything but like you said, peaches? Chips or cookies would be better.
Take care Kim. I'll talk to you on Monday. Have a great weekend. God bless you my friend.