Monday, April 4, 2011

Using up paper scraps…and an organizational idea…


I got to review another product from CSN a while back and I chose this cordless glue gun! Oh happy day!!! I love this glue gun, it heats up pretty quickly and holds it heat nicely. Back in the day, I had one of those cheap low-temp glue guns and based on my experience with that I thought glue guns were way overrated. Well not anymore! This is easy and fast and the glue is strong! I’m in love.

Now for the paper scraps. I have tons and tons of paper scraps. (OK…I have pounds and pounds of paper scraps…about 10 years worth…) Well, now that I’ve been making notebooks I also have quite a bit of cardboard by combining them together I’ve started making tags.


I have an idea for these tags that I’ll be writing about later this year. I also think they need some glitter…don’t you? These measure about 2” by 3” so you can use some of the tiniest scraps you have to cover them. The hot glue came into play when I attached the flower. I have quite a few of these tags in various stages of production and while I want to see all of them I didn’t want them spread out all over the table. (Think jelly and syrup) So I came up with this idea-


This is one Martha Stewart Everyday Food magazine. I folded each page in half and then in half again. Here is a larger version-


This is two magazines folded only once per page and then the magazines were glued together with…the hot glue gun! This works great for mail. When the holders start looking tattered and old just throw them in the recycling bin…cost…$0.

In other news my oldest and my youngest each had a great report card so we went to see the movie Hop as a reward. It was cute. There were some very funny parts and I loved hearing my kids giggle. My hubbie and my middle child went fishing up at Lake Of The Woods and on the Rainy River…Hubbie came home with a BIG fish story that he had a picture to back up!


This is a 52 Inch and 38 Pound Sturgeon! It looks like it was pretty heavy!! He’s struggling to hold it still for the camera, he said it doesn’t have scales like a crappy it has “skin” like a catfish and was slippery. Ewwwww. He released it back into the river. He did catch enough other fish for a couple fish suppers around here. Heck, after this trip fresh caught fish only cost us about $488/pound…(it’s a running joke around here…after he’s purchased everything that is necessary for ice-fishing the actual fish are pretty darn expensive! Um…I get it…I do have three sewing machines…)

Happy Crafting!!!


Snippety Gibbet said...

Cordless glue gun?????????? Ooooooooooh, what a genius idea. jan

Julie said...

Love it Kim and I love those tags. So cool. Hubby is so luck to have caught that. What I wouldn't give to catch something even 1/2 that size. I'm good for just the sunnies, crappies and bass. Cool though, oh so cool.
Chat with you later on. See you tomorrow. Yeah, a Kim visit. I love them you know!!
Take care and have a quiet afternoon. Blessings my friend.