Wednesday, February 13, 2013



Over the weekend I finished this wool felt candle mat. I had purchased the kit a few years ago – using the birthday money I received from you Mary :) . While cleaning and sorting I came across it again and wondered “why didn’t I ever finish this”? I had cut out all the pieces and just never sewn it up. I soon realized why – I had cut the mat smaller than it should have been. I vaguely remember copying the pattern with my printer and not realizing it was on “reduce” and being frustrated. But – it is a time to use what I have and boy am I glad I did! I love how this turned out! Now I’ll pack it into the Christmas box and be surprised all over again next Christmas lol!


During the Super Bowl (that I watch for the commercials) I sorted out my beads into this suitcase. (I pulled this awesome suitcase out of a DUMPSTER!)


Everything fits in there really well! Because I have a hard time getting rid of anything I even kept my “ugly beads” – you never know when they can be used for something else…or covered with polymer clay…

I love those clear plastic boxes for sorting things. In “my jury-rigged life” I even use the broken ones…


This will sit in my drawer and keep my costume jewelry all nice and sorted. They stack nicely too. Look at these beauties – the first three pictures were rescued from a dumpster…so sad!




And these pins were given to me by my Great Grandmother Bestemor -


Back in the eighties we would button our shirts all the way up and wear a pin at the neck…so she gave me the purple one and the roadrunner to my sister…I wonder if she knows I’ve “kept it safe” for her these past 25 years…

Happy Crafting!!


Julie said...

I like that Kim, it really turned out cute. I need to go through our beads too and just reorganize them. I want to craft too, maybe now that things are settling down a bit.
I'll talk to you tomorrow. Thank you for leading me your ear.
Blessings my friend!

Kim said...

Thank you for the comment Julie!!