Monday, March 4, 2013

This winter is going to do me in…


Above: Card I made using eCraft and some cloud and heart files I made…mailed to Ona :)

In other news: this winter is going to do me in. I’ve had it. I actually love winter but come March I’m starting to go off my rails. A week ago or so I visited the dark side and made it back to tell the story…barely. I have no energy…tons of ideas but can’t seem to get started with anything. I’m working on a quilling picture for someone else and I’m finding it terrifying trying to keep the paper clean. lol. And, for some reason I decided to start patching walls and picking out paint colors for the living room and kitchen – what!!! I have to shake my head at my brain sometimes. The good news is I’ve gone through 4 tubes of caulk and half a gallon of drywall compound…the bad news is that I’m sick and tired of the whole project and have lost the enthusiasm. Good news my butt and thighs are pleasantly sore from going up and down a ladder for three days…bad news is that I’m scared of falling off the ladder so close to our cruise…I can make a million excuses to not finish but we are living in a house with all the furniture pushed to the middle of the room and that’s not cool. Well, it was cool for the first couple of days but now it’s just annoying. So I better get off my computer chair and up the ladder and sand the drywall compound I put up this morning. Maybe I’ll get the living room ceiling painted tomorrow. No…I WILL GET THE LIVING ROOM CEILING PAINTED TOMORROW!!!!

Happy Crafting!!


Julie said...

This soon will pass and we'll have spring. Of course none to soon but we'll survive. That is after the 7-12" of snow we are getting tonight. Walking tomorrow could be interesting, see you about 9.
Take care and relax and enjoy your evening. Blessings!!

Anonymous said...

Kim, Glad you're back. I've missed hearing of your adventures!
Sounds like you've really picked one now. Think of what it will be when it's done and how good you'll feel knowing YOU DID IT!!!
Bet Ona liked her cloud and heart card. It's sure cute!! Love M&M
(Did you ever make the blouse you were planning to make?

Ona said...

I did love my cloud & heart card!!!