Monday, November 12, 2012

Needle felted snowman picture -



Sorry for the fuzzy picture…I couldn’t seem to hold still. Well, the Bazaar is all done now and it went great!!! When we have the final numbers I’ll give you a recap but everything I made (except the pouches that took me TWO DAYS to figure out) sold!!! Last I’ve heard the Bazaar raised well over $10,000!!! I spent my time at the Bazaar needle felting. It is relatively new to this area and people are fascinated by the process so I demonstrated. It was so much fun meeting so many different people. I even made a contact for future wool…

I needle felted this little snowman this morning. I’m not 100% sure he’s done but I had to get him on the wall. I picked up the frame at a thrift store and made my own “rub-n-buff” by mixing carnuba was and pigment powders together and applying it with my finger. The frame was originally a bright brassy gold color…now it’s kind of a copper color. Mary if you see any of these frames at our favorite thrift store pick them up for me please!!! Doesn’t matter if they have glass in them or not…I picture a bunch of them on the wall with seasonal themed needle felted designs… I hope I come across lots!

Happy Crafting!!!


Ona said...

This guy is awesome!

Julie said...

You did another amazing job. He is so cute. I'll keep my eye opened too. There's a Goodwill in CL so I'll stop by there one of these days and see what they have there. Sorta exciting to find a new place.
Talk with you tomorrow. Night my friend. Blessings!

Ann Martin said...

Such a cute snowman and I love what you did with the frame. Congratulations on the hard-earned bazaar income!