Monday, November 5, 2012

Needle felted Santa’s


This is the next batch of needle felted projects going to the Spirit of Christmas Bazaar. The Bazaar is on Saturday!!!! We are going to have a BUSY week getting everything ready!!! Again, I wish I had focused on needle felting right from the beginning rather than waste my time on other projects that didn’t really turn out well. I’m going to work on some of them next and cross my fingers that something can be made of them. You’ll see them next week if all goes well. These guys were inspired by some others that I saw somewhere online – mine are different…I needle felted everything but the beaded eyes…the other ones were mass-produced and used felt for the nose and mustache and hat rim. I hope people like them!!!!

Happy Crafting!!!


Julie said...

If I can find them while at the show I'll get one or two for Sally. Except I really like the snowmen too, and Sally would love them. Hummmm, hard to decide.
You do such great work Kim. Keep it up.
Talk with you tomorrow, later since I'm doing my cleaning job right after am bus route.
Night and blessings!

Julie said...
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Ann Martin said...

Adorable Santas! Will you put a loop of thread through the hats so they can be hung as ornaments?

Btw, totally agreed with you about the folded stars. I made a HUGE batch of them one year or two, but not since. Hers are gorgeous.