Friday, November 23, 2012

How I make washing dishes more pleasant…


Aside from not using a dryer my dishwasher is also on the fritz. I’m pretty sure I can fix it but I just haven’t taken the time to try. I really don’t mind doing dishes. Of all my mom-cleaning jobs washing dishes may be the least offensive. I like to see the cluttered counters all tidy again. It’s instant gratification. It’s also a good time to ponder. I ponder very important things like…how can I make this job easier? (While I don’t mind washing dishes I don’t want it to take all day!) And after a big meal like yesterday, Thanksgiving, the dishes were everywhere!!! Here are my tips and another installment of my jury rigged life:

  • Above you’ll see what I use to drain my silverware. It’s a plastic container some french fried onions came in…I drilled holes in the bottom for drainage and clipped it to the outside of my dish drainer. This way I have the entire dish drainer for plates and bigger stuff. The one that came with the dish drainer is under the sink holding sponges…it took up way to much room in the dish drainer.
  • My dish drainer rests on the top sides of my sink…I like this because if something needs to be dumped out, like milk left in a glass, it won’t get on my clean dishes and it won’t get my dishwater icky.
  • I fill up my copper bottomed tea kettle with the cold water that comes out of the faucet before the hot water gets to my sink. My hot water heater is in the basement on the other side of the house. Darnit. It’s cheaper and hotter to heat the water on my gas range than to keep pulling it across the basement from my electric water heater. 
  • Let the hot soapy water do the work! I fill the dish tub with plates and silverware first and let them sit in the hot soapy water. While they are soaking for a bit I add super hot water from the tea kettle. Then I’ll do something else in the kitchen for a couple minutes…like put away the pot holders…or get recycling ready. When I get back to the plates they are clean and only need a wipe…not a scrub. Refill the sink with glasses or whatever and repeat. I always wash the silverware last. I don’t know why…habit.
  • Have two dishcloths in the dishpan! While waiting for the hot water to do it’s magic on the dishes use one dishcloth to wipe the counters…if there is a really sticky or stained area don’t stand there wasting precious crafting minutes scrubbing! Take the other hot soapy rag from the dishpan and lay it on the problem area…while that is soaking go back to the dishes. When a new load of dishes is soaking go back to the problem area. Chances are the hot soapy dishcloth dissolved the problem and you can just wipe it away.
  • Let the dishes air dry and have the kids put them away later. Air drying is more sanitary…having the kids handle them…well it’s a chance I take.
  • I periodically refill my tea kettle, heat it on the range and add more hot water to the dishwater as needed.
  • When I’m really on a roll I make sure my sink area is clean and tidy. Sometimes it’s the cleanest and tidiest place in the house. Sometimes it’s also the most peaceful place to be in the house…nobody bothers me because they don’t want to get roped into helping lol!
  • Other tips: Use a good dish soap. I stick with Dawn. It’s nice to have a plant or pretty piece of pottery to stare at while pondering at the sink. Have something pretty in that area. If you use a sponge get it really wet and microwave it for a half a minute or so to sanitize it, don’t wash your dishes with bacteria from a dirty sponge!!

Well, while this seems like some pretty basic stuff to we “pro’s” I’ve noticed a lot of teenagers going through my house who don’t have a clue how to handle a huge mess like the aftermath of Thanksgiving…this post is for them…

Happy Crafting!!

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Julie said...

Maybe Mike should read this, however he's learning.
Good tips.
Talk to you Monday. Blessings!